The Merkaba Group works with leaders and their teams to transcend limits and unleash their highest potential


Erik Desrosiers

Founder | Executive coach

Erik partners with clients to access higher dimensions of being for themselves and their organizations. His approach to coaching is supported by over a decade working as an executive and founder in the renewable energy industry. Much like wind and solar power are now winning beyond all predictions, this era belongs to those with the audacity to believe that there is more to reality than meets the eye.

As a bridge between worlds, Erik combines management science with practical spirituality to shape strategies that unlock unseen possibilities and enable breakthrough results. His approach merges the strategic tools he has mastered throughout his business and policy career with powerful psychospiritual modalities such as meditation, breathwork, sound, and movement that elevate one’s inner being.

Entrepreneurs and enterprise executives have found a lasting competitive advantage working with Erik. His clients have transformed long-time adversaries into supportive allies, uncovered aspects of their personal presence that enlivened their influence with others, reframed challenging situations into unforeseen opportunities, and resolved internal barriers that held them back from reaching their goals.


One-on-one coaching

Coaching calls are a safe and courageous space for self-exploration, re-alignment, and accountability. The coaching process is focused on cultivating the individual's full potential. The format for one-on-one coaching is regular calls, either in-person or via telepresence.

Psychospiritual practices

Cultivating a powerful presence with a strong foundation is accomplished through transformational experiences and daily integration practices. To complement coaching, we offer resources such as meditation, breathwork, sound healing, and plant medicines such as cacao.

Strategy sessions

Manifesting tangible results from clarity of purpose requires viable strategies that bring together team members and stakeholders. Our facilitated strategy sessions bring the leader's inner work into outer being through collaborative problem solving and co-creation of audacious action plans.

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Our Process


Cultivate a powerful presence that resonates with the positive energy, abundance, and possibility that emerges when embodying love from within


Focalize energy towards the transformations that matter most to your constellation by tuning into reality perceptions that manifest the highest potential


Unfold audacious plans that honor the perspectives of your stakeholders by grounding your decision-making in curiosity, courage, and kindness


Maximize outcomes by assessing progress with integrity, deliberately learning from failures with acceptance, and celebrating successes with humility

Leadership Coaching

Coaching begins with an assumption that clients are whole, wise, and highly knowledgeable about the nature of their own personal and professional development.

The journey of coaching embodies the leader’s inner being (physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual) and unfolds potential through inquiry, curiosity, gentle provocations, and challenges that help the leader to stretch into their best capacities.

Manifesting coaching work into positive outcomes is supported by mutual understanding regarding the dynamics of the organizational culture and systems (including policies and practices) within which the leader leads.

What is a Merkaba?

The Merkaba symbol is a sacred geometry construct composed of two intersecting tetrahydrons that spin in opposite directions. The Merkaba was originally referenced in the Old Testament as a chariot and translates to light, spirit, body. It represents an energetic field that every human possesses and which can be activated with meditation, breathwork, and intention.

Once activated, the Merkaba becomes a protective shield and a vessel which can transport one’s consciousness to higher dimensions. It is said to be used by ascended masters to connect with divine realms and beings. 

How do we transcend “Normal”?

As uncertainty rises in the world today, so does talk of normal. Why do we want normal — or even a new normal? How can business and policy leaders show people a more nuanced understanding of the concept of normality? Better yet, how do we transcend it altogether?

An Actionable Roadmap for Self-Disruption

Established incumbents in change-resistant industries can be proactive forces of disruption, rather than passively falling prey to it. Combining case studies with management science, we have developed a “disruption management toolkit” that corporate executives can leverage.

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The Merkaba Group works with leaders and their teams to transcend limits and unleash their highest potential.

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