The Merkaba Group works with leaders and their teams to transcend limits and unleash their highest potential

What defines a
successful business leader
in this rapidly changing world?

There has never been so much possibility in business as today.

In order to access this, we need to embody principles of mastery.

It starts with the way we are being—individually and as a culture.

We already know how to increase profits, retain talent, and have impact.

By empowering ourselves and each other, we create long-term breakthroughs.

How do we embody leadership mastery?

We are called to serve in a leadership capacity because we have the inner authority to cultivate mastery.

It begins with our state of presence. To the extent that we are able to emotionally navigate challenging situations with a level of clarity and acceptance, we make it possible for novel solutions to emerge.

The reward is an entirely different way of being that enables us to perform at the highest caliber, create immense amounts of value, and live easefully. 

What are the rewards of cultivating mastery?

Be your highest

Embody a powerful presence that inspires confidence

Lead from the heart with authenticity and compassion

Experience ease regardless of external circumstances

Elevate your team's

Foster a culture that rewards being one’s best and caring

Harbor safe channels for trust-building and communication

Celebrate cognitive and cultural diversity as invaluable assets

Unleash your
strategic genius

Expand your perspective on reality to reveal new options

Overcome patterns to access breakthrough possibilities

Accomplish the best-case scenario in any situation

Meet Your Guide

Erik Desrosiers

Speaker | Consultant | Founder

Over the course of your career, have you felt like you see the world differently from most other professionals? You’re not alone—we are the pioneers who are tapping our full potential and ushering in breakthrough ways of being, building, and belonging.

My name is Erik Desrosiers. I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and was the first in my community to attend elite institutions. For decades, I’ve devoted myself to reshaping business paradigms and creating a more prosperous, inclusive environment for humans to thrive.

My own journey towards mastery has woven together vastly diverse experiences from executive suites to deep jungle isolation. I’ve been blessed with challenges and revelations that have taught me to love myself fully and have guided me into a heart-centered way of living.

As a bridge between worlds, I combine management science with practical wisdom to shape strategies that unlock unseen possibilities and enable breakthrough results. Entrepreneurs and enterprise executives have found working with me to be a lasting advantage.

I’d love to meet you! Let’s have a call to get to know each other and dive deep into your world together. All I ask is that you bring your full presence and willingness to step into a higher caliber of being. When you are ready, simply schedule a discovery call. I’m excited to connect!

Speaking & Events

Looking to elevate your culture and energize your people to be more motivated, adaptable, and empathic?

Make your event an opportunity for powerful shifts! 

  • Employee seminars
  • Networking events
  • Industry conferences
Depending on the context, we can create an unforgettable experience by weaving in ceremonial cacao, somatic practices, and workshop elements.


One-on-one sessions

One-on-one sessions are a safe and courageous space for self-exploration, re-alignment, and accountability. This is a sounding board focused on cultivating the individual's self-mastery, unveiling blind spots, and establishing leadership direction.

Strategy off-sites

Our facilitated off-sites create strategic shifts through collaborative group sessions complemented with transformational experiences such as breathwork, movement, and plant medicines such as ceremonial cacao.

Team integration

Manifesting tangible results at scale requires deep alignment among team members and stakeholders. Team integration unfolds your own inner work into outer being through a structured process that elevates the culture of your organization.


Join the Mastermind

Would you like to be part of a peer group that will support you to shift the way of being in your workplace and usher in a higher caliber vibe to your working environment?

You don't have to do the good work alone anymore! There are others like us who are part of a leadership revolution. By joining the mastermind, you can belong to an alliance of like-minded individuals that will resource you with the wherewithal to make a real difference in your organization, career, and life.

Join the Mastermind

pillars of mastery


Cultivate a powerful presence that resonates with the positive energy, possibility, and resilience that emerges when embodying a masterful way of being.


Gain wisdom through acceptance of what is and calibrate with reality by broadening the perspective through empathy, curiosity, and active inquiry.


Leverage the power of collaboration by caring for people within the organization and honoring the ecosystem of customers and stakeholders.


Maximize outcomes by focalizing energy where it matters the most, having a discovery-driven agile mindset, and deliberately learning from failures.

How does coaching work?

Coaching begins with an assumption that clients are whole, wise, and highly knowledgeable about the nature of their own personal and professional development.

The journey of coaching embodies the leader’s inner being (physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual) and unfolds potential through inquiry, curiosity, gentle provocations, and challenges that help the leader to stretch into their best capacities.

Manifesting coaching work into positive outcomes is supported by mutual understanding regarding the dynamics of the organizational culture and systems (including policies and practices) within which the leader leads.

What is a Merkaba?

The Merkaba symbol is a sacred geometry construct composed of two intersecting tetrahydrons that spin in opposite directions. The Merkaba was originally referenced in the Old Testament as a chariot and translates to light, spirit, body. It represents an energetic field that every human possesses and which can be activated with meditation, breathwork, and intention.

Once activated, the Merkaba becomes a protective shield and a vessel which can transport one’s consciousness to higher dimensions. It is said to be used by ascended masters to connect with divine realms and beings. 

How do we transcend “Normal”?

As uncertainty rises in the world today, so does talk of normal. Why do we want normal — or even a new normal? How can business and policy leaders show people a more nuanced understanding of the concept of normality? Better yet, how do we transcend it altogether?

An Actionable Roadmap for Self-Disruption

Established incumbents in change-resistant industries can be proactive forces of disruption, rather than passively falling prey to it. Combining case studies with management science, we have developed a “disruption management toolkit” that corporate executives can leverage.

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The Merkaba Group works with leaders and their teams to transcend limits and unleash their highest potential.

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